What to Look for in a Good Auto Body Shop

What Should I Look for in a Good Auto Body Shop?

Many of us have experienced a car accident to some extent in our lifetimes. Whether it’s an annoying dent or a full fender bender, collision repair can be both frustrating and expensive. But even more so is the burning question: who can I trust to fix my vehicle? Lucky for you, we’ve done the research and have outlined the primary factors to look for when you need the best auto repair.

So, what do I look for in a good auto body shop?

5 Star Reputation

The first and most important step you’ll want to take when searching for a good auto body shop is checking out a shop’s reviews. The only way to know the quality of work and service you are about to receive is by reading real stories from real people.


A certification is an easy way to demonstrate that an auto body shop has the appropriate expertise and skills required to best serve you and the specific make of your vehicle. If an auto body shop has certifications, they are likely to be posted on their website.

Professional Staff

If the first phone call you have with an auto body shop is curt and leaves you in the dark about repairs, pricing, and timeframes, this will likely continue to happen throughout the process of your repairs. As someone who has recently experienced the trauma of a wreck, this will only add to the frustration of the situation. That is why good auto body shops will have a courteous staff willing to answer any and all questions you might have.

On the outside, an auto body shop can seem legit and even provide the necessary repairs. However, there is a lot more under the surface activity happening that could affect you and your vehicle.

The Results of a Qualified and Integrous Auto Body Shop

Reputable Shops Use Quality Parts

It’s one thing to receive a good-looking job when getting your vehicle repaired. It’s another when that good-looking job doesn’t turn out to be everything it promised to be. This is why a shop’s reputation is an essential factor when choosing a good auto body shop. Customers need the assurance that their vehicle has been repaired not only with skilled hands but also with quality parts that are built to last. If you are unsure about where an auto body shop gets its parts, ask! It is your right to know what materials are being used to repair your vehicle.

Certified Technicians Are Highly-Trained

Once the quality of parts is assured, there also needs to be a level of trust established by the auto body shop. You need to know that trained and certified professionals are improving the quality of your vehicle rather than making it worse. As mentioned above, certifications are an excellent way to prove an auto body shop’s trustworthiness when working with specific makes and models of vehicles. The result is a relationship that you can trust. 

Staff Members Are Professional and Friendly

The level of professionalism demonstrated by an auto body’s staff makes all the difference. When a driver gets in a fender bender, the last thing they want to do is leave their car with an auto body shop where 1) they don’t know the price, 2) don’t know when they’ll get their car back, and 3) are unsure if the technicians are certified to fix it. You shouldn’t be left in the dark about your vehicle’s repairs.

Auto body shops must give all the details—from a specific price quote to a comprehensive time frame of when to expect your vehicle back. After all, it’s your vehicle! A good auto body shop will always show integrity and honesty when providing an estimate. The result is a professional staff who will work hard to find the right parts for you at a fair market price. No more mysteries. A good auto body shop is in continual communication and leaves nothing in the dark.

Choosing the Wrong Auto Body Shop

Without these three factors established, getting your vehicle repaired can become one of the more stressful things you do. Suppose you don’t check the reviews for a good reputation or professional certifications. In that case, you are blinded to what lies ahead, and even more so, you are allowing yourself to be guided by someone you know nothing about! This leaves the fate of your car up to chance. Additionally, what if the auto body shop has a reputation for poor staffing? They don’t communicate well, and their repair job is shoddy. What’s the solution? Check the reviews before you go! Read the testimonials! Call their office to verify that they are certified to work on your brand vehicle. A good auto body shop should have plenty of reviews online.

Related Questions

How expensive is my vehicle repair going to be? Each repair can vary in price depending on the damage. Most of the time, auto body shops will need to look at the damage before giving an accurate price quote. Rightfully so.

Here at A Good ShopTM, you can use our Smart Estimate Tool located on our website. It’s convenient, free, and we have real people standing by to serve you! 9 out of 10 people usually think that their insurance won’t cover their fender bender. The mobile tool usually proves that theory incorrect. Here’s some detailed information about using the Smart Estimate Tool.

Where can I find testimonials for auto body shops? Most testimonials can be found directly on a shop’s website. Other third-party reviewing platforms include Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List.

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